Each of our solutions is creative and spectacular. For us, every day is extraordinary.

DEPL is a people Network – People are the basis for our success: clients, employees, partners and other stakeholders. And many other people whose lives we want to improve through our work. That is what makes our network a people’s business. Close to the markets in which our clients operate and close to their projects, in which we are personally involved.

As people’s networks we are always close to our clients’ culture and objectives, in the broadest sense. The health and welfare of everyone who works with us is our number one objective. Safety and quality have our highest priority and for the basis of our operations.
Our clients enjoy the convenience of a local partner with local know-how, a broad outlook and international knowledge and expertise. We are strongly involved in your projects and we desire to understand every aspect.

In keeping with our desire to be known as ‘the best E& P company’, we distinguish ourselves with our,  Value-added technical expertise:

  • Innovative engineering solutions
  • Quality-certified systems and standards
  • Safety and environmental considerations
  • Client-conscious approach
  • Commitment to cost and time schedules

We shall be quite keen to taken up such assignment from your esteemed or organization with assurance to execute the orders as per delivery schedule & give the opportunity to associate with you.
We thank you & look forward to positive response.

To be the Company of choice for our clients in our global markets, for all our business, driven by entrepreneurial spirit, cutting edge technology and execution excellence.

We will deliver reliable, high-quality solutions for global infrastructure, always ensuring that integrity, safety and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do.

Performance : We are here to make a valuable difference to our stakeholders and we will make it happen against all odds.

Passion : We are differentiated by our ‘Can Do’ attitude and the fire in our belly.

Teamwork : We can gain from the diversity within our Group by sharing knowledge and resources to achieve individual and collective success.

Agility : We understand stakeholder needs and respond with speed and precision.

Reliability : We are trustworthy and reliable, in both thought and action. Our stakeholders can count on us to deliver, always.

Leading through Excellence

DRISHNA ENGINEERING is successful because the entire Organization is highly focused on Excellent Project Management, Project Execution , combined with a wide range of functional expertise in the areas such as Design, Engineering, Procurement, Logistics, Constructions, Quality Management (QMS),Interface and Project Commissioning.

DRISHNA ENGINEERING to consistently deliver complex and demanding projects with highest technical Skills & standards. “Leading through Excellence” is the motto for DRISHNA ENGINEERING
Performance, thus gaining the reputation of a reliable and trustworthy partner Our team work is our power.

DRISHNA ENGINEERING has developed its capabilities through continuous Training and development of Human Resources across all functions with dedicated high skilled ,qualified work forces.

DRISHNA ENGINEERING has the full range of technical resources and required expertise to undertake the most complex nature to complete On-time and on-budget.

Strong collaborations

DRISHNA ENGINEERING has its own strong collaborations with major technology providers, industrial partners and Manufacture.

DRISHNA ENGINEERING has the ability to offer the most appropriate solution for any kind of projects and our motto to serve customer’s requirement and satisfaction most effectively.

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